SF6 Reclaim – how we can help

With over 30 years of experience providing specialist cooling equipment within the medical sector, SF6 Recovery was set up in response to the need for the safe environmental handling of SF6 Gas, used typically within LINAC Wave guides.

Our experience throughout the introduction of the “F Gas” Regulations (Kyoto protocol 1997) and having been instrumental in the design, installation and servicing of the special requirements for LINAC temperature control has made us uniquely positioned to now provide the additional service of SF6 handling.

The “F Gas” handling experience and expertise of our team provides an advanced platform from which the additional service of SF6 handling is introduced into the industry. With in-depth site and sector knowledge, SF6 Recovery provides a dedicated and personal service to meet your requirements.

Our SF6 handling services include

  • On-site reclaim of SF6, evacuation and product disposal or recycling.
  • Bag collection, disposal or recycling of SF6 and return of bag.
  • Leak checking of wave guide and supply components.
  • Emergency call out.
  • Service agreements.
  • “F Gas” documentation.

SF6 reclaim within the medical sector

Although, as we highlight above, SF6 is prominent within the medical sector it isn’t specifically detailed within the F Gas Regulations. Unfortunately this means that it is a common misunderstanding that the regulation does not apply to the handling of SF6 for use in LINACs. This is most definitely not the case and in particular we would refer to article 3 (see below) of the F Gas regulations.

“Regardless of the type of equipment that contains F-gas, you should ensure that you adhere to the principle factors of the Regulations, particularly around Article 3 (Containment);

  1. The intentional release of fluorinated greenhouse gases into the atmosphere shall be prohibited where the release is not technically necessary for the intended use.
  2. Operators of equipment that contain fluorinated greenhouse gases shall take precautions to prevent the unintentional release (“leakage”) of those gases. They shall take all measures which are technically and economically feasible to minimise leakage of fluorinated greenhouse gases.
  3. Where a leakage of fluorinated greenhouse gases is detected, the operators shall ensure that the equipment is repaired without undue delay.”

Lack of awareness or failure to comply with the regulations, no matter what your industry, can result in avoidable damage to the environment and potential legal consequences. This can be avoided though by working with an SF6 handling expert such as SF6 Recovery.

To find out more about our SF6 reclaim and SF6 disposal services contact us today.



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