Coolant Water/Glycol Contamination Issues

Regular servicing of production and medical chilled water equipment is essential to ensure minimal downtime. Whilst this is well recognised, all too often the scope of a preventative maintenance neglects to include the coolant water/water glycol medium. This can be for a variety of reasons, ranging from simply not understanding that the cooling medium needs to be maintained, through to a lack of experience in this area by the elected contractor.

If left unattended problems with cooling medium can cause contamination issues ranging from biological growth to high levels of system corrosion. In turn this can then lead onto costly repairs.

SF6 Recovery Ltd have developed unique solutions for correcting poorly maintained cooling fluid systems.

These will include high volume dynamic flushing and water treatment which can restore a systems efficiency and remove the need for costly component replacement. This process can normally be carried out without any disruption to clinical or production time.

In cases of severe contamination and corrosion build-up we are also able to offer dynamic reversible flushing at high temperature, which will very often restore a systems efficiency without the need for component replacement.

Please contact us with your specific requirements, or if you simply need to discuss an on-site contamination issue.

Medical Chiller Refurbishment

Increasingly we are finding medical trusts with a need to extend the lifetime of clinical installations beyond the original expectation, as a result of tightening budgets.

It is still however vital that these organisations can provide a reliable patient experience with minimal clinical downtime other than regular preventative maintenance work.

SF6 recovery Ltd can provide a complete refurbishment program for all generations of Linear Accelerator  Chiller, which will prolong the working life and provide performance enhancements. This includes the ability for equipment to work in the increasingly higher ambient temperatures that we are now experiencing in the warmer months. A correctly selected refurbishment program will add a minimum of five years additional service life.

We can also offer: –

  • Controller upgrades for all the machines where the original controller is now obsolete.
  • Software upgrades on all generation Linac chillers to offer enhanced performance.


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