In our many years working with medical chillers, industrial chillers and within the temperature control industry we have witnessed first-hand how small companies with great service and engineering skills unfortunately are in danger of slowly developing into businesses that are only focussed on the bottom line. The problem with this is the inevitable result of a downgraded service.

After recognising and becoming frustrated by this, not only for ourselves but also the clients, SF6 Recovery was created with a mission to provide a more personalised service and a greater customer focus.

We achieve this by having no internal departmental segregation. Our aim is for all staff to be involved in every task – from the initial contact with the client right the way through to our after sales service. Operating in this way ensures that our clients benefit from knowing exactly what, when and who is responsible for providing the customer service expectation that they demand.

Specialists in medical chiller services

Over time we have led a progression towards specialising in the medical sector. Whilst the technologies we employ in the medical sector are not necessarily any more exacting than other industries, a sympathetic and thorough understanding of clinical environments is required which can only be achieved through many years of working within the sector.

Specialists in SF6 handling services

Having grown up with CFC and Greenhouse gas issues, we find ourselves uniquely placed to understand SF6 gas and its environmental impact and therefore offer a wide range of SF6 handling services.


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