SF6 in electrical applications

Being extremely chemically stable, non-flammable, highly electronegative and with an excellent dielectric property, SF6 (sulphur hexafluoride) has many benefits for use in electrical applications.

However, while it is commonly used in all types of high and medium voltage switchgear as a flash suppressant, SF6 is a greenhouse gas governed by the Kyoto Protocol’s F gas regulations. With a GWP (Global warming potential) of over 23,000 times that of CO2, and the capable of remaining in the atmosphere for thousands of years SF6 is the most damaging gas currently in use. Even small quantities, if released to the atmosphere, will cause massive damage to the environment and add to the current global warming crisis.

Managing SF6 safely within the electrical sector

Because of the high risk of environmental damage, it is vitally important that owners and operators of electrical equipment that contains SF6 work with specialists like ourselves to ensure safe maintenance, recovery and disposal of the gas.

The expert team at SF6 Recovery Have experience of working with major players in the electrical industries including Merlin Gerin, ABB, and Siemens. We provide a fully mobile service for the recovery and handling of SF6 which includes:

  • handling as required, including system evacuation and final recharging.
  • adapter solutions for most switchgear in common use plus the ability to engineer or source adaptors as required.
  • on-site attendance with quick response times.
  • nationwide coverage.

To find out more about our SF6 handling, SF6 disposal services and how we can help ensure you meet your legal obligations within the F gas regulations, contact us today.

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