Whilst many chiller manufacturers would claim that all MRI chillers are fundamentally the same in principle, it is our view that it is the application of the equipment into the environment in which they are to be used that becomes the critical factor. For medical applications which would include MRI and LINAC, it is crucial that the client (the hospital trust) can maintain maximum clinical up time which is why SF6 Recovery are the perfect partner to assist with MRI chiller sales.

Consideration also has to be given to providing cooling in the event of a failure. SF6 Recovery can provide equipment with built-in emergency cooling redundancy to cover all medical requirements. In addition we offer 24/7 phone support to all clients regardless of their service contract arrangements.

Within the medical sector, the provision of reliable cooling for MRI equipment is essential. With our extensive knowledge of the medical sector environment and the MRI chilling application, we provide a complete service into this industry from concept and design through to delivery and ongoing service. SF6 Recovery MRI chiller sales offering includes:

  • Sealed or open systems to suit customer’s requirements.
  • Robust design incorporating thermal buffer tanks and remote monitoring as standard.
  • Emergency cooling arrangements to ensure maximum clinical up time.
  • Full design and installation service.
  • Cooling fluid maintenance (water/Glycol) for control of both corrosion and biological issues.
  • Ongoing service provided across the UK and Republic of Ireland.

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