We offer a complete support solution for the maintenance and repair of all industrial process chilling systems. These services include:

  • Routine service inspections, both standard and comprehensive cover
  • Mechanical and electrical upgrades, including software updates
  • 24/7 phone support
  • Emergency call-out, with or without service agreements
  • Water quality reporting
  • “F Gas” leak checking
  • “F Gas” documentation
  • Extended warranties

Emergency support

If you require emergency assistance for a faulty medical process chiller, please call 01489 888524.

Ongoing service agreements

Our service agreements can be tailor-made to meet your specific requirements. We offer both comprehensive and standard service agreements for the industrial process chillers in your production equipment.

You can rely on our expertise and experience to ensure your vital processes stay up and running and that they meet all your legal obligation such as “refrigerant F gas” compliance.

If your system uses water or water/Glycol as its cooling medium it is essential this is tested for quality and effectiveness regularly. That’s why we offer water treatment testing, water treatment reporting and replenishment to keep your operation process running smoothly and minimise critical downtime. You can read more about our chiller water treatment services here.

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